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Partner, Chief Technology Officer

Matt brings a comprehensive information technology background to Innovelop where he responsible for providing technical oversight of the firms IT systems and operations.  Matt plays a critical role in maintaining Innovelop’s email infrastructure, beta test site environments and front-end development of several Innovelop portfolio company sites.

Matt is actively working with Jennifer to Patent River33, a Unified Communications solution developed as a PaaS by Innovelop.

Finally, Matt is developing a firm specific collaborative software program informally known as the “dojo.”  The dojo will be used to streamline Innovelop’s ideation efforts.  When completed, Innovelop’s dojo will leverage Lean Startup Principles when applied to the firm’s vast database of think tank product innovations.


Matt is a full time employee within the Information Security Department at a world-renown hospital network headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.  Matt’s division supports the remote network access infrastructure globally, and he was the recipient of the hospital’s esteemed Innovation Award (October, 2010) for his work.   Along with supporting the remote access server infrastructure, Matt is also involved with reviewing, approving, and providing suggestions, from an information security standpoint, of new products and technologies that are being implemented within the hospital.

Matt is a repeat volunteer at events such as Cleveland GiveCamp (2010 and 2011), CodeMash, Meetups and Startup Weekends (Matt was on the winning QloudSitter team in 2010).  While not staring at his computer screen during nights and weekends developing for his two primary start-ups, Matt enjoys running, playing video games.  Matt graduated from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio with a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology.

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