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Co-Founder – Innovation Strategy & Social Media

Anthony lives in Pittsburgh, PA and joined Innovelop in 2010.  Since joining Innovelop Anthony has played a critical role in developing and managing the firm’s idea think tank, innovation and social media strategies.  From concept generation, to the formation of market-ready objectives Anthony remains diligent in the refinement of Innovelop’s approach towards disruptive ideation.

In 2012 Anthony will play a major role in formalizing innovation strategy frameworks and service models as Innovelop continues to expand its consulting service offerings.  As the firm’s subject matter expert in Lean Startup Principles, Anthony will remain a keystone to both Innovelop and the clients’ that Innovelop serves in the future.


As a full-time employee (by day) and full-time entrepreneur (by night and weekend), Anthony has an extensive and comprehensive academic background in statistical analyses and modeling.   Anthony holds a Master’s of Science in Management – Operations Research from Case Western Reserve University, 2009, and a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics and Philosophy from Westminster College, 2008.

Outside of his career and startup ventures Anthony enjoys attending rock shows, as he is a passionate fan of all forms of music.  On an annual basis Anthony attends gaming conferences in Boston and Seattle, in addition to a Philosophy Conference in Memphis, TN to pursue his continued interest in philosophical academia.

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