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Start-up Firm Seeking Designers, Partners and Contractors

Who We Are:

First and foremost, we are BRAND NEW to Austin, Texas (as of July, 2011)!

Here’s a brief history of Innovelop… Back in 2009 we started as a group of six co-founders, each bringing a different technical discipline to our group.  The goal was to simply generate neat product ideas, concepts and solutions solving everyday problems.   After developing an entire database full of concepts, and a business framework, we then evolved into a “micro-incubator” and concept generator.

In 2010 we branched out a bit and added some technical developers to the group.  In mid-2011 we decided to relocate Innovelop’s main operations to Austin, and expand our firm into the design world.  Our intent is to blend strategy, innovation, design and technology.    We place great emphasis on The Lean Startup methodologies, and we’ve got a few plans of our own to make a pretty cool and “agile” firm with a business model designed to “pivot”…

What We’re Doing:

We came to Austin over Mountain View to find you – you being a community of some of the most talented visual designers, graphic artists and web-developers this Country has to offer.   We have a significant interest in design, and Austin is the place we chose to branch into new things!  We also chose Austin because of the awesome start-up community, and we hope to work in and with this community for many years to come.  Since it’s funny, and an obvious rip from startup pitches (which we do regularly)…”think of Innovelop sort of like a for the righteous city of ATX.”

Who You Are:

Our networks are strong, and we want to identify folks who 1. Have a passion for entrepreneurship, 2. Have a passion for working with startup and early stage companies, 3. Have a passion for working with us to build a Design practice into a long-term sustainable business.   Obviously this would be considered a “startup” in every sense of the word, so a passion for starting a business is must have requirement.

We also place a heavy emphasis on culture and talent.  You also place a heavy emphasis on your talents and creating a culture of designers and developers who enjoy working together in a fun environment.  Obviously you know how to work with clients and the importance of building strong relationships and networking.

Some of the things we think you should know, or be familiar with, include the following,

  • User interface design, visual design and interactive design
  • Proficiency with design/prototyping tools such as Balsamiq, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Visio, Dreamweaver
  • Familiarity with Internet technologies such as Shockwave,  DHTML,  HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, Flash, CSS, PHP and CGI
  • Use of frameworks such as Rails
  • Online writing skills

Other things include,

  • The ability to work independently and within a team,
  • Perform design research to build out the firms knowledge database,
  • Weekly blogging about the firm and your involvement,
  • Networking events (fun stuff, like bar crawls and meetups),
  • An interest in perhaps starting our own “meetup” type group to help get the design practice “out there”


Since we’re just getting started, we can’t pay you yet.  But, to the right people who are used to eating what they kill (just like we are) – we know you’ll contact us.  In fact, you are the exact kind of person we want to hear from.  You are agile and always hungry, just like those involved with Innovelop and all of Innovelop’s startups.

Because the design practice is a startup in every sense of the word, we are completely open minded in terms of revenue sharing arrangements and equity positions in order to get the practice up and running.  Once up and running, we would envision contracting out work that could not be done “in house.”  The ultimate goal is to build a brand and network that will keep our pipeline full, and enable us to hire people full time in the future (wouldn’t that be awesome?).

With the cross-pollination of Innovelop’s developer, designer and innovator groups we envision a very lucrative business emerging here in Austin.

What to Do & Timeframe:

First, check out  Don’t make fun of the site – remember, we’re aspiring designers and proven business people!

Second:  Email your resume, links to projects you have done, and any additional information that we should be aware of to  We hope to move quickly, as there is lots of work to be done. Important!!! – Be sure to tell us why you are interested in working with Innovelop’s founding group. Finally, please note what your schedule is like, and how much time you have to work on such a project (ideally you’re a hungry entrepreneur).