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Founding Partner & Firm Adviser

Alex has spent his entire life involved with various entrepreneurial endeavors, and in 2009 while studying entrepreneurship and design theory he founded Innovelop.  The purpose of Innovelop was to initially gather and discuss product concepts, and investments, from Partners.  Not by luck, but instead – design, Innovelop has defined a unique business model over the past three years that will enable the firm to continue growing for many years into the future.

Since inception Alex has literally contributed hundreds of concepts to Innovelop’s cloud based think tank (he’s mildly creative).  In addition to challenging societal norms with thought provoking innovation Alex also spends considerable amounts of time networking with investors, software engineers and fellow entrepreneurs.  To see his long term vision for Innovelop come to fruition, Alex assumed an advisory role with Innovelop and relocated to Austin, Texas in 2011.

Austin is home for Alex and Innovelop because of the cities extreme passion and love for entrepreneurs, the spectacular high-technology industry and the incredibly vibrant startup community (plus, there is no snow in the forecast – ever).


Following an eight year career as a management and financial services consultant with experience in investment banking and mergers and acquisitions, Alex attended The Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University in 2008. In 2010 Alex obtained his Masters of Business Administration – Magna Cum Laude, with a concentration in finance and entrepreneurship.  After getting a taste for technology based start-ups (subsequent to co-founding three of his own), Alex joined a high-growth venture backed technology firm headquartered in Seattle, WA in 2011.

In his spare time Alex has started training to compete in his first triathlon in Austin (Spring, 2012).  Alex is also a proud Mac owner, and as a self-taught visual designer (with the help of a few design pros), Alex is well on his way to launching his first mobile app.  The proud father of Miss Liliana Lee Manders, Alex remains true to the lessons he learned while raised in the small farming community of Marengo, Ohio (population est. 300).

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